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What is Waterproof App?

Who is it for?

System Functionality

What are the current capabilities?

What is an analysis?

What information does the analysis work with?

What currency do I use to record costs in the system?

Can I only create an analysis with Water Treatment Plants?

Who can see my analysis and results?

Under what scenarios does the system model?

Can I run the models independently?


What are water funds?

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The Water Funds are organizations that design and improve financial and governance mechanisms, that unite the public, stakeholders from civil and private society around a common goal to contribute to water security through nature solutions and sustainable management of hydrographic basins (TNC, 2018).

The Water Funds are collaborative platforms developed by cities and conservation professionals, to help solve governance problems by closing the scientific, jurisdictional, financial gaps and the implementation of actions associated with water management. They help communities improve water quality by bringing users together collectively to invest in upstream habitat protection and land management, and mobilizing innovative sources of finance.


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What are nature-based solutions?

What models does Waterproof App work with?

Nature Based Solution

¿What are Nature based Solution (NBS)?