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What is Waterproof App?

Who is it for?

System Functionality

What are the current capabilities?

What is an analysis?

What information does the analysis work with?

What currency do I use to record costs in the system?

Can I only create an analysis with Water Treatment Plants?

Who can see my analysis and results?

Under what scenarios does the system model?

Can I run the models independently?

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The current Waterproof system executes 3 models, InVEST, RIOS and ROI, although each model can work independently, the Waterproof application is configured from its architecture to perform the simultaneous execution of the three models once the case of study, selecting the portfolio to be modeled and pressing the "Execute" button, it is for this reason that the system will only show the results of the complete execution.

In case you need to run a single model, we invite you to consult the page of Natural Capital Project, the provider of the InVEST and RIOS software, where you can download the tool for your personal use.

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What are water funds?

What are nature-based solutions?

What models does Waterproof App work with?

Nature Based Solution

¿What are Nature based Solution (NBS)?