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What is Waterproof App?

Who is it for?

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Although the tool is publicly available to all users, it is originally designed with a few key user groups in mind. These primary users include individuals concerned with watershed management and water treatment costs in public utilities, leaders in water management in private sector companies that are large users of water, and conservation professionals or managers. that focus on water security and watershed health. Secondary users include social impact investors, government water or environmental agencies, watershed groups or those new to the concept of water-related nature-based solutions who want to use the tool for hands-on learning.


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System Functionality

What are the current capabilities?

What is an analysis?

What information does the analysis work with?

What currency do I use to record costs in the system?

Can I only create an analysis with Water Treatment Plants?

Who can see my analysis and results?

Under what scenarios does the system model?

Can I run the models independently?


What are water funds?

What are nature-based solutions?

What models does Waterproof App work with?

Nature Based Solution

¿What are Nature based Solution (NBS)?