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What is Waterproof App?

Who is it for?

System Functionality

What are the current capabilities?

What is an analysis?

What information does the analysis work with?

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To configure an analysis you must be registered on the Waterproof platform.

The analyzes are performed taking into account the following data entry variables.

  • Analysis execution city
  • Socio-economic, cultural and climatic region data
  • Drinking water quality data for supply
  • Geographical location of the catchment
  • Infrastructure of the catchment system (Infrastructure elements and costs)
  • Water demand
  • Execution period
  • Study basin area
  • SbN implementation area
  • Aqueduct database
  • Information on the SbN to be implemented
  • Infrastructure of the treatment plant or case study
  • Case study costs Investment portfolio data
  • Geographic information for the execution of the Invest model
  • Geographic information for the execution of the RIOS model
  • Current scenario database
  • Business as usual scenario database

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What currency do I use to record costs in the system?

Can I only create an analysis with Water Treatment Plants?

Who can see my analysis and results?

Under what scenarios does the system model?

Can I run the models independently?


What are water funds?

What are nature-based solutions?

What models does Waterproof App work with?

Nature Based Solution

¿What are Nature based Solution (NBS)?