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What is an analysis?

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An analysis is the result of the configuration of input parameters for the models to be executed from the case studies, and its corresponding result.

It is the application of the inVEST, RIOS and ROI models to conditions given by variables associated with a hydrographic basin in which a water use infrastructure is configured. The analysis involves the behavior of these elements against the implementation of nature-based solutions for the study site, allowing to see in results the value of return on investment, indicators, risks and potential areas of intervention-

The variables include physical and climatological variables, environmental indicators and geographic information (Raster)

The water use infrastructure starts from a catchment, which is the starting system of the process, this catchment can be real and modeled from real data, or fictitious to analyze possible future scenarios.

Each configured water consumption element must be associated with one or more water catchments, these elements can be treatment plants, hydroelectric plants, industries, among others.

The analysis considers operating costs for the entire infrastructure that is designed, this in order to estimate a true value of return on investment, in addition to using this information for the execution of the models.

Within the results of the analysis we can consult:

  • Summary of Net Present Value

  • Sensitivity analysis

  • Opportunity results

  • Profit analysis

  • Indicators

  • Results of the interventions

  • Areas with SbN powers

  • Comparison of land cover without implementation of NBS versus its implementation

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Nature Based Solution

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