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What is Waterproof App?

Who is it for?

System Functionality

What are the current capabilities?

What is an analysis?

What information does the analysis work with?

What currency do I use to record costs in the system?

Can I only create an analysis with Water Treatment Plants?

Who can see my analysis and results?

Under what scenarios does the system model?

Can I run the models independently?


What are water funds?

What are nature-based solutions?

What models does Waterproof App work with?

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Waterproof works with InVEST, RIOS and ROI models.

1. InVEST is a set of models, developed by Natural Capital, used to map and value nature's goods and services that sustain and satisfy human life.
2. The Resource Investment Optimization System (RIOS) is a tool developed by Natural Capital that can be used to prioritize investments in ecosystem services that helps to answer several critical questions faced those who invest in ecosystem services with limited resources.
The return on investment - ROI, is a financial ratio that compares the profit or profit obtained in relation to the investment made. Having a 3. Return on investment analysis facilitates decision-making and negotiations between stakeholders in making investments, for which it is necessary to offer scenarios mainly associated with land use, showing the performance of investments in hydrographic basins, which is done by using data and model runs.
For more information consult our information About models.

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Nature Based Solution

¿What are Nature based Solution (NBS)?