Case studies

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Remember that a Case Study is the way in which the costs of operation and maintenance of the infrastructure are related to the possible benefits of the NbS. In other words, with the water intakes and treatment plants configured, the user can build their case study.

Water intakes

See the elements of the water intake example.

Treatment plants

See the processes and technologies that are part of the case study.

Case studies

See how different concepts are articulated in the case study.

Case study

Having clear the costs of the water intakes and the costs of the treatment plants, it is time to configure your case study. To do this, you must follow the steps shown below, where you select i) your portfolio objectives, ii) the budget and iii) the NbS to implement. With it, the system will be able to execute the models and deliver the NbS portfolio and its Return on Investment, ROI.

For these details in the system click on

Give your case study a name and indicate the type of infrastructure  

The first screen of creating a case study is where the water intakes (with their costs and area of analysis) and the treatment plant are linked.


As a result of the execution, the system will offer you a series of reports like those shown in There the system will show you the result of the Return on Investment as the first signal to know how recommendable your project is.

See reports